No matter what you’ve centered your vacation around: a much-awaited getaway, proposing to your long-term partner, or an anniversary celebration, we’ve got four Romantic Whistler getaways all planned out for you. One might think of Whistler as a locale for the thrill-seekers but make no mistake, it’s ideal for the private vacation most couples desire. But we know that tastes are diverse, and every couple has their own reasoning behind the perfect destination.

Romantic Whistler Gateways

Romantic Whistler Getaways: If you’re the adventurous couple

If you want an adrenaline-filled getaway…

Whistler is one of the most adventurous locations ever, so you’re in the right place!

You can find Whistler lodgings in a hotel in the middle of Whistler Village – make sure you’re close by to all the skii locations and tours offered in the area.

It’d be best if you can plan out what you’ll be trying out in advance. You will find spots that offer bungee jumping and heli-skiing, to add that extra ounce of adrenaline and fun to your long-awaited getaway. 

After a day of thrill-seeking, you get to settle at a local watering hole like the Crystal Lounge, the FireRock Lounge, or the Dubh Linn Gate and enjoy delicious food with live entertainment. 

Romantic Whistler Getaways: For the Indulgent Couple

If it’s the lap of luxury that the two of you are looking for among your romantic whistler getaways,

Head to the Upper Village and check yourself into the classy abodes of the Blackcomb Greens or the Greystone Lodge, and experience a vacation of pure decadence and class.

Walk into one of our local spas and experience a relaxing session. Enjoy the euphoria together with your partner through our special couples packages.

Afterwards, take a walk hand-in-hand along the Village Stroll, where you can venture into the many shops, jewelry stores and art galleries to collect some unique souvenirs to remember your Romantic Whistler getaways.

After all the relaxing and walking, you’ll find yourself looking for a spot to dine. Many internationally acclaimed restaurants will offer delectable multi-course meals that will redefine ‘fine dining’ for Whistler’s.

Romantic Whistler Getaways: If you’re the tired couple in need of a distraction

If work, life, and all its baggage have come between you and your partner, spending quality time with each other.

Reconnect with your partner, the locale, and conjure up an aura of intimacy between the two of you. You will find the peace and quiet necessary for that outside Whistler Village – away from all the hustle. We recommend Mountain Star Lodge, located in Benchlands, and for all your shared food cravings, you will find the Private outdoor 6 men hot tub, Cable TV, Air conditioning, and the best of the best for a memorable dining experience. 

Walkthrough Whistler’s scenic trails with your partner in the morning hours, and once you return to the hotel after a day of walking and sightseeing, you can settle in front of the hotel’s fireplace and doze off.

Romantic Whistler Village

Romantic Whistler Getaways: For the couple with opposite tastes

When you share very little in the way of interests with your partner…

Instead of a hotel, opt for a condo in Whistler, which comes with diverse options. Find activities that will offer something for the both of you, like a snowmobile-fondue tour. The thrill of the ride and the breathtaking views will leave everyone satisfied, and the mountain top fondue dinner at the end will be the perfect cap off.

And no matter where your figure skating talents lie, trying it at the Whistler Olympic Plaza is good fun. 

Find solace in Whistler, and each other on your Whistler romantic getaways this time. Contact us for perfect Whistler Accommodations just for the two of you.