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Advanced Physiotherapy and Massage is Whistler's number ONE therapy clinic with the best local staff. OUr team of physiotherapists and massage therapists treat everyone from Canadian National Alpine Ski and Snowboard Team members to weekend warriors and all of our faithful locals. Our clinic offers the latest and most advanced treatments from acupuncture to bracing and custom orthotics.

Physiotherapy, massage therapy, or treatments that require a brace, taping, or an extensive recovery program, we are the clinic. From back aches to knee sprains, or any soft tissue injury, Advanced has the number ONE staff in Whistler.

We are a full service facility conveniently located in the heart of Whistler Village (St. Andrew's House) with ample parking. Featuring private treatment rooms for massage and acupuncture in a relaxing atmosphere. Our clinic is Advanced.

Massage therapy acts directly upon muscles, nervous, and circulatory systems. Using advanced manual and neuromuscular techniques, therapists will develop treatments that combine manual therapy and exercises that accelerate the healing process and relieve pain. Massage will enhance your psychological state and well being.

If you are looking for a relaxation massage, sports massage, or medical massage, our therapists have been treating in Whistler for over 13 years, and we ensure you that we will get you back in the picture, feeling your best!

Our physiotherapists utilize manual therapy techniques to mobilize stiff joints; stretches and exercises to retain & build muscle; modalities to decrease pain & inflammation and accelerate soft tissue healing. Whether you're a national ski or snowboard champ, or a novice recreational athlete, your injuries demand professional care and treatment. All of our patients benefit from registered physiotherapists that have years of experience.

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