Whistler Vacation Rental

The Gables Ski Condo
  Whistler Vacation Rentals are the perfect option for holidays at Whistler Village. Within walking, driving, or shuttle distance of the village and lifts, these accommodations are comfortable and set in the largest ski area in North America. Views are spectacular, and indoor and outdoor activities are plentiful.

Whistler Vacation Rentals provide guests with many amenities along with luxurious accommodations. These may include in-suite laundry, housekeeping services, 5 appliance kitchen, and space for 2 - 8 people. Some can include a gym and swimming pool, and private deck with BBQ.

Whistler Vacation Rental packages can be found in all areas of Whistler, and may include lift tickets and shuttle service. Seasonal rates will vary, and family prices can be found.
Symphony Ski Condo


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