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British Columbia (B.C.) is Canada's westernmost province and is located on the Pacific coast. British Columbia is one of North America's most mountainous regions and is bordered by the province of Alberta, the Yukon Territory and the United States.

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British Columbia is made up of a variety beautiful landscapes. The peaks of the Coast Mountains lies besides rolling upland of forests, natural grasslands, lakes of B.C. interior and a chain of islands on the seaboard.

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The province of British Columbia climate varies a much as its landscape. The mild coastal region which includes Vancouver receives abundant precipitation - from 130 to 380 cm of rain a year - while the interior has a continental climate. Other parts of the province of B.C. are almost desert-like, with very hot summers followed by very cold winters.

British Columbia is a spectacular natural wonderland, and the land is a hunting and fishing paradise. Twenty-four million visitors a year are attracted to B.C. Visitors are attracted to tourist regions such as Whistler, national parks Glacier, Mt. Revelstoke, Yoho, and Kootenay, and more than 675 Provincial parks and camping grounds.

British Columbia Statistics
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Province:   1991 population 3,282,061
Area:   366,255 sq mi (948,600 sq km)
Coastline:   15,986 mi (25,725 km)

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